‘Multiple High Standard Water Barrier’ transport package – a first for the UK

NTS were asked to help with the movement of un-irradiated fissile materials (‘Exotics’) from the site managed by Dounreay Site Restorations Ltd (DSRL).

Sharing our security expertise overseas

NTS’s expertise in security and resilience helps maturing and developing nations strengthen their own nuclear security and resilience capabilities.

NTS colleagues
Fissile Exceptions – improving nuclear waste transport efficiency

NTS actively encouraged the adaptation of existing IAEA regulations to better support the bulk transport of nuclear materials with a small fissile content.

MOX fuel transport package
Special Arrangement Application – demonstrating equivalent safety

We made a successful application to the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR for a “Special Arrangement Approval” to transport a package that had not been conclusively proven to comply with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) thermal test.

Heron at sea
Generic Transport Systems – supporting RWM’s goal of geological waste disposal

The NTS M4/12 MOX fuel transport package has improved shielding and thermal performance.

UF6 shipment – optimising capacity on a PNTL vessel

NTS shielding assessors were asked to provide an assessment to justify the shipment of 120 UX-30B transport packages on board a PNTL vessel. Timescales were short plus the vessel had only previously been licensed to carry 40 of the packages.

road move 1648c
UK sealed radiation sources – delivering a new and cost-effective solution

The UK had an urgent requirement to collect a backlog of radiation sealed sources from across the country and transport them for safe disposal.

MOX fuel transport package
MOX fuel transport package – demonstrating package design innovation

The NTS M4/12 MOX fuel transport package has improved shielding and thermal performance.

1648c flask
Finite Element Analysis – securing new package licensing

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) work was required to support a new licence to transport the 1648C package.