MOX fuel transport package – demonstrating package design innovation

MOX fuel transport package

The NTS M4/12 MOX fuel transport package has improved shielding and thermal performance.

It also has more effective fuel loading and retention compared to alternative packages – minimising dose to operators and assuring fuel quality is maintained in transit.

The package design is in accordance with the requirements of IAEA regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material for a B(U)F package.

The design of the package has been carefully optimised to ensure the maximum weight of the laden security vehicle falls within the limits of the European Road Transport Regulations without the need for overweight permits (40 tonnes).

The design and manufacture of the M4/12 is carried out in accordance with approved quality management systems complying with ISO 9001.

This approach demonstrates our commitment to a programme of continuous technical advancement in the areas of design, analysis and material technology that reflects the needs of our customers now and in the future.