‘Multiple High Standard Water Barrier’ transport package – a first for the UK

NTS were asked to help with the movement of un-irradiated fissile materials (‘Exotics’) from the site managed by Dounreay Site Restorations Ltd (DSRL).

UF6 shipment – optimising capacity on a PNTL vessel

NTS shielding assessors were asked to provide an assessment to justify the shipment of 120 UX-30B transport packages on board a PNTL vessel. Timescales were short plus the vessel had only previously been licensed to carry 40 of the packages.

German VRR
Shipment of high-level waste from the UK to Germany

Our expertise in shipping waste resulting from reprocessing was demonstrated when we completed the first of three shipments of high level waste to Germany at the end of 2020.

Heron at sea
Using our unique high-security transport expertise to make the world safer

NTS is the only organisation in the world that offers a high-security “Category 1” nuclear shipping capability.

Egret at sea
Safely delivering MOX fuel to Japan

We continue to use our shipping expertise to deliver MOX Fuel to electric power companies in Japan.

Transferring plutonium from Dounreay

In 2019 we used our rail, shipping and technical capabilities to complete a programme of complex, high-security transport operations to transfer civil separated plutonium held at Dounreay, to Sellafield.