spent fuel agr
Keeping the lights on

DRS have provided a rail solution for the transportation of spent fuel on behalf of EDF Energy since 1998.

Georgemas railhead
Georgemas Junction

We have used our proven track record in the design, development, delivery and operation of rail infrastructure to support vital decommissioning activities at Dounreay.

007 DRS Passenger
Sellafield Workforce Transport

We’ve used our rail capabilities to reduce local disruption and improve efficiency at one of the UK’s largest industrial sites.

Bulk Ballast
High volume just-in-time aggregate delivery

Our tailored rail logistics solutions and ability to deliver a high volume of aggregates helped to support the success of a major decommissioning programme in West Cumbria, UK.

Mixed Load Transport

We’ve used our specialist rail freight and logistics expertise to help customers achieve efficiencies by consolidating materials into mixed loads.

Operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

DRS pulled out all the stops to make sure it carried on delivering essential services throughout the Covid-19 outbreak.

Transferring plutonium from Dounreay

In 2019 we used our rail, shipping and technical capabilities to complete a programme of complex, high-security transport operations to transfer civil separated plutonium held at Dounreay, to Sellafield.