Sellafield Workforce Transport

We’ve used our rail capabilities to reduce local disruption and improve efficiency at one of the UK’s largest industrial sites. 

As a leading provider of passenger services to the major Train Operating Companies (TOCs) DRS has the proven experience, locomotives and rolling stock to transport large numbers of personnel to remote construction and decommissioning sites.

These services conform with required shift patterns, avoid major disruptions on country roads and mitigate the need for construction of large scale local accommodation.

Our emergency response capability and effective contingency plans guarantee operational efficiency; ensuring the Company delivers a safe, secure, reliable service time, and time again.

In addition to having significant passenger transport experience, supporting clients like ScotRail, Virgin and Chiltern, DRS has also provided workforce transport services for Sellafield.

In the past, thousands of staff and third party contractors negotiated security arrangements to enter and leave the site at Sellafield, the UK’s largest and most complex nuclear facility. This time consuming process impacted badly on overall operational efficiency and clogs the rural road network of West Cumbria.

DRS worked with Sellafield to develop a tailored train service to transport staff to the site from stations along the Cumbrian Coast Line. It also worked closely with local partners to make innovative changes to timetables, which released much needed additional capacity on this overstressed rail line.

DRS ran a pilot service and achieved high levels of satisfaction from the passengers, whilst significantly reducing the numbers of cars entering the site – improving both site security and efficiency.