NTS makes gender balance commitment with Women in Nuclear pledge

Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS) has set out its core principles for driving sustainable change through a diverse, gender-balanced workforce as part of its pledge to support Women in Nuclear UK (WiN).

The newly-formed transport division of the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority launched in April – uniting the world-leading expertise of Direct Rail Services, International Nuclear Services and Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd – and has become the latest organisation to sign the WiN charter.

Under the leadership of Seth Kybird, NTS is committed to helping WiN reach its key objectives of addressing the industry’s gender balance, while improving the representation of women in leadership roles.

NTS’s four-point pledge was made deliberately tangible so successes can be easily measured.

Proudly signing the charter, NTS has promised to:

  • Work in partnership to drive sustainable change: NTS will engage more closely with a wide range of employment support organisations and schools, allowing access to a broader talent pool
  • Internal transparency and champions: Continued commitment to diversity will see NTS appoint senior champions, while encouraging peer-to-peer mentoring as powerful methods of embedding commitment to diversity
  • Short-term investment creates long-term benefits: Access to structured work experience opportunities and / or quality apprenticeships will be provided by NTS as key methods of bringing new skills into the business
  • Championing flexible working, proactively: NTS will ensure to lead a diverse, gender-balanced workforce and accepting to a diverse range of enthusiastic people

Seth, Chief Executive Officer of NTS, said: “Our equality, diversity and inclusion record is extremely important to us. We’re pleased with our achievements so far, but recognise there is still more to be done.

“Signing the WiN charter, having only recently launched, demonstrates our commitment to addressing the gender imbalance, and we look forward to playing an active role with WiN to help achieve this.

“We want to be able to celebrate a more diverse workforce, where women are more visible than ever before, and joining WiN is a big step towards achieving that.”