Spotlight on NTS at international nuclear conference

Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS) has returned from a successful showing at a world-renowned nuclear conference.

The International Symposium on the Packaging and Transport of Radioactive Material (PATRAM) is a prestigious event organised by World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) and held every three years.

This year’s conference was held in Antibes, France, welcomed nearly 800 people from over 27 countries. It is an opportunity to share knowledge, experience and meet partners from around the globe.

This was the first time NTS had attended, being formed from International Nuclear Services, Direct Rail Services and Pacific Nuclear Transport Solutions Limited to become a single nuclear transport division in 2021.

NTS is a center of excellence in the operational, commercial, engineering, legal, and regulatory expertise that underpin nuclear transport and logistics operations.

NTS chose to focus on its newly-formed Solutions business line at the conference. This area of expertise specialises in criticality, shielding, cyber security, physical security, package design, heat transfer, aerosol modeling, human factors in package design and specialist engineering.

A team of experts from across the organisation delivered presentations, took part in panel discussions, presented posters, and answered questions from the many guests who visited their exhibition.

Vijay Bhatti, Lead Licensing Engineer, also won the accolade for best poster for his work on applying human factors to the design of NTS transport packages.

Seth Kybird, NTS CEO, who attended the conference, said: “It was an absolutely fantastic week and I couldn’t be prouder of the team for their efforts. I believe we have something really special at NTS and to be able to share that with customers, partners, and regulators was fantastic.

“We’re new by name but have over 45 years’ experience in this industry so are experts in this field.

“Transport, and all the engineering, security and safety which goes into it, are vital to the whole nuclear industry, not just generating carbon free electricity but nonproliferation, radiopharmaceuticals and mining.

“All of these industries rely on safe, secure and reliable nuclear transportation and NTS is the absolute world-leader in this field, to be able to demonstrate that was a superb opportunity. “I want to thank everyone at WNTI who organised the event and all the people at NTS who made it such a success.”