PNTL plans shipment of MOX fuel from France to Japan

Mox fuel assemblies manufactured in France for Takahama Nuclear Power Station Units 3 and 4 are now ready to be transported to Japan using PNTL’s specialist nuclear shipping capability.

The regulations governing the security of such transports require some specific details of the preparations and operation not to be disclosed. However, they do allow for certain details to be released in the interests of transparency, so PNTL will release the following information:

• Before departure from France we will name the port of the departure and the vessels involved

• After departure from France we will confirm the departure date and the approximate arrival time in Japanese waters

• The transport route will be announced during the voyage

• We will also announce the arrival of the vessels in Japan and also the completion of the voyage

PNTL is part of Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS). It has been transporting nuclear materials between Europe and Japan for more than 45 years and has a flawless nuclear safety and security record. Its purpose-built vessels are state-of-the-art and are crewed by some of the most experienced nuclear mariners in the world.